Imam Moujahed Bakhach,

Imam Moujahed Bakhach is an accredited family mediator and qualified arbitrator and received his certifications from the University of North Texas. He spent time as an Imam for the Islamic Association of Tarrant County, as well as the Islamic Center of Al-Hidayah. He received his Master’s degree in Islamic law from Al-Azhar University in Cairo, Egypt. Imam Bakhach is a member of the Texas Council on Family Violence in Austin, Texas. Furthermore, he is a chaplain member of the correctional institution, as well as a member of the Human Relations Commission (HRC) in Fort Worth, Texas. He is currently an active member of the Clergy and Peace Alliance (C.A.P.A). Imam Bakhach has written booklets and manuscripts on family issues, Ramadan, and more.

  • Born in Lebanon
  • Is Currently Director of “Mediation Institute of North Texas” (MINT), LLC
  • Director of Family Counseling Dept. at MASDFW
  • Imam Moujahed Bakhach has over 30 years of experience w lecturing at different institutions.
  • Founder of al-Hedayah Academy school, Fort Worth 1992


  • I. Certified Mediator & Negotiator ADR (Alternative Dispute Resolution), 2009 by UNT (University of North Texas), & Religious Arbitrator.
  • II. Mater studies at Faculty of Jurisprudence / Law in 1978 by Al-Azhar University, Cairo, Egypt
  • III. Non-Credit post-Graduate speech course at TCU (Texas Christian University), Fort Worth, Texas

Job title and History:

Teacher at Islamic College, Tripoli, Lebanon

Imam of Islamic Association 0f Tarrant County (IATC), for 23 years (1982-2005)

Imam of al-Hedayah Academy Center (2005-2008)

Chairman of Fiqh Council of North Texas

Director of the “Message of Islam” radio program at KZEE-1220 at N.R. Hill, Texas

Faith Base Cabinet member, by Mayor of Fort Worth, Texas

Recognitions & Awards:

1st Imam to be the “Pastor of the Day” at the House of Representatives, Austin, Texas

November 2009, award of recognition by the mayor and the city council members of Fort worth for serving 7 years as member of HRC (Human Relation Commission).

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